Sunday, August 30, 2009

Trapped in a Children's Story

Yesterday, I decided that I needed a pie and suddenly I found myself entangled in a situation that reminded me of a storybook that I had once read to my daughter, see if you can guess what well known story (actually there are several on the same theme).
I asked my husband if he had an idea for the kind of pie I should make. He suggested banana cream since we had four ripe bananas that would be “past due” and headed for the banana bread freezer collection the next day. That’s a single crust pie, no sense in making just one crust and since it takes about 2 minutes longer to make two crusts than one. Sooo, there I had two crusts, whatever was I going to do with the second? I decided to make something for dinner in it, a quiche (as mentioned yesterday) with leftover chicken. Okay, so I set out to make one pie now I have a pie and a quiche, but the pie required four egg yolks and there I had four egg whites going to waste, if I didn’t find a use for them. To me egg whites equals meringues, not nasty diet omelets…on to what kind of meringue? It had been a while since I made Forgotten Cookies, chocolate chip-nut meringues, that get placed in a moderate oven and then the oven is shut off and you go to bed, forgetting all about them until the next day.
I started out just craving something sweet and ended up with a pie, a quiche and cookies, a very well fed family and a very messy kitchen.

Dinner tonight? Something with the rest of the frozen leftover chicken, nothing too heavy after the quiche and cream pie.

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