Sunday, November 1, 2009

Dip Success

Headed to a friend’s house for dinner last evening before the kids headed out for trick or treating, I decided that the menu was skewed toward the kids and the adults needed a little something interesting to go with it. So, I thought that I would bring hummus, but there wasn’t enough time to soak and cook the chick peas and my canned goods pantry didn’t help me out.

I puzzled over something quick to toss together, but interesting. So, I mixed mayonnaise and Miracle Whip, apricot preserves, Vietnamese chili garlic sauce, and lime juice to make a dip. I was thinking that it would go with the Sun Chips that the hostess had mentioned on the phone, but the other guests were waaaaaaaaaay more creative than me. One suggested that we put it on the hot dogs (worked well), another guest drizzled some on sliced apples (worked well, again) and then another started dipping pretzels in it. One suggested to use it on a salad, but we weren’t having salad, so that experiment will have to wait. I guess I’ll have to name the dip now, but inspiration hasn’t hit me, yet.

Yesterday for lunch we had corn chowder, it has been a while since I have made it and I needed to use up some goat milk before it spoiled. I only needed to stand in the kitchen while stirring the bits of salt pork and onions, the rest of the ingredients cream style corn, corn, potatoes, black pepper and milk didn’t require much attention at the stove. There are leftovers, so it will be lunch again today!!

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