Thursday, September 3, 2009

Wanted: Dish Elves

This evening I’m not hungry, it happens every once in a while. I just do not feel like cooking. I think it has to do more with dirty dishes, but tonight if I were to just have rice with a little soy sauce, and green onions, it would be okay. I think of it as my single woman meal, a meal I cannot do anymore. Some days are just blah, and I really don’t want much, but others are expectantly waiting for their protein/complex carb/vegetable boost. Since I am the cook, I just buck up and open the freezer and hope that there is something in there that will fit the bill for the others dependent on me for nutrition. Tonight, there is still more of that leftover chicken in the freezer. We had a bbq and folks ate less than expected, ergo we had 10 lbs of cooked chicken in the freezer. The nutritionally dependent ones will have to deal with it, again.
Back to the dishes, I always consider the story of The Elves and the Shoemaker, I keep hoping that if I head to bed, leaving a pile of dirty dishes dumped on the counter, the elves would come in the dead of night and I would wake to a sparkling kitchen. Virtually no one hand sews shoes anymore, so those elves should have ample time to come wash glasses, sponge off counters and polish the bottoms of pots and pans! They keep skipping my house, so I need find a supply of elf attractant. I wonder what department that would be in?

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